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Welcome to SOOF's first homepage.
Since this homepage is temporarily designed for focusing on participation in the Nosei Summit, the contents of the page will be revised after the summit.

What is SOOF?

The name SOOF comes from Shaping Our Own Future, and is made up of people from Japan in the U.S. who share the following core goals:

SOOF's History

SOOF was founded in the spring of 1999 as a project of the Japan Pacific Resource Network (JPRN). A non-profit organization with offices located in Oakland, CA and Tokyo, Japan, JPRN focuses on research into civil rights, corporate responsibility, and Japan-U.S. relations. It also provides education on the management and operation of non-profit organizations. SOOF was originally created on the principle of establishing grassroots networking and support and empowerment for women of Japan living in the U.S.

Our first activity was a roundtable discussion in June '99, concentrating on Japanese women's issues such as: language barrier, career issues, identity issues, social and cultural adjustment, and readjustment for those who return to Japan. The discussion was quite a success, with 60 participants enthusiastically sharing opinions on common issues and problems they face living in the U.S. Now our focus is more diversified into empowerment for all people from Japan.

While SOOF is still developing, we have made progress through the following activities in our first year:

SOOF's Mission

We believe in a society where individuals are equal in their rights and freedom, and are mutually respected and appreciated.

SOOF's Activities

SOOF's Goals in the Year 2000

Participation in the NOSEI SUMMIT

At the SOOF meeting on 22nd January 2000, guest speaker Mr. Greg Tanaka talked about the details of the NOSEI Summit; we have decided to participate in the Summit that is scheduled on 19th February 2000. We are going to present Japanese newcomers' points of view on the Japanese American community and Japantown. To present our opinions, we conducted a survey on how SOOF members view the Japanese American community and Japantown. Based on the survey through Soofnet, SOOF will make sixty minutes presentation at the Summit.

in San Francisco Japantown
Saturday, February 19, 2000
9am to 6pm
at the J-town Christian United Presbyterian Church
(1700 Sutter Street)

If you have any question about SOOF's participation in the NOSEI SUMMIT,
please contact Makiko Kambayashi at Tel (415) 733-8549 or E-mail her.

SOOF General Contact Information
Yuki Sugimoto
Japan Pacific Resource Network
310 8th Street Suite 305
Oakland, CA 94607
Tel (510) 891-9045 ex43 / Fax (510) 891-9047

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